Our program is delivered by highly skilled, qualified Early Childhood Teachers, and supported by experienced Educators, to maximise children's learning opportunities. All staff hold current First Aid certificates and Blue Cards.


Purple Group 2021

This 3 day Kindergarten group runs on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of each week.

Joanne White

Nominated Supervisor

Director / Teacher | Bachelor of Teaching (Early Childhood)

Joanne has been involved in Early Childhood Education for 18 years. She believes that young children first need to know that they and their family are valued, cared about and listened to. This then provides a secure base from which they can explore and learn about the world.

Joanne is passionate about providing an engaging, innovative learning environment, valuing children's sense of agency and helping them to develop to a love for life long learning. She believes that relationships are the most important parts of life and learning and as such partnerships between families, the community, children and educators are of the upmost importance.

Moira Dorward

Educator | Certificate III Early Childhood

I feel privileged to be part of the team at Kenmore Park Kindy.  Apart from working in many areas while travelling around Australia, I worked in a school in outback Queensland for 13 years and am passionate about children’s development, most importantly their happiness and feeling of security which is evident in our Kindergarten.  I have a wonderful close family with three adult married children and six grandchildren with whom I am very involved.  The youngest being five years old, so I am very much in touch with the generation of children at Kenmore Park.

I feel inspired by our children and their sense of wonder, I feel a strong responsibility in supporting Jo and the team to make our children’s days at the centre as happy, secure, exciting, educational, and playful as possible.  In a nutshell, I love being part of your precious children’s lives.


Red Group 2021

This 2-day group runs every Thursday and Friday.

Fiona Guthrie

Teacher | Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood), Grad Dip Children's Literature

Fiona Guthrie has been teaching in community kindergarten settings for over 25 years and has taught at Kenmore Park for the last 12 years.  She is passionate about supporting families in developing strong community links and to be advocates for play based learning in the early years.  She runs a strong literary and visual art program in her group, and throughout her teaching career she continues to promote a love of building positive relationships with children and their families.  She loves to hear stories from families of past years and to be able to continue to stay connected in their lives.

She sees that education and learning is full of adventure, wonder and enjoyment and her program promotes active investigation, developing a child’s self confidence, and ensuring a safe and supported environment for children to develop strong friendships.

Emma Harding

Educator| Bachelor of Arts - Early Childhood

My name is Emma and I have been working in Early Education for 18 years. I enjoy working with all ages, however, my passion lies with the 3-5 age group. I am also a mum to four wonderful girls who keep me very busy at home.

I love working with children, every day is different and special. Children offer you so much of themselves and it is a privilege to be a part of their journey.

Green Group Pre-Kindy 2021

Our pre-Kindy program runs on Monday and Tuesday each week.

Emma Harding

Lead Educator

My name is Emma and I have been working in Early Education for 18 years. I enjoy working with all ages, however, my passion lies with the 3-5 age group. I am also a mum to four wonderful girls who keep me very busy at home.

I love working with children, every day is different and special. Children offer you so much of themselves and it is a privilege to be a part of their journey.

Debra Donnelly


I have been involved in Early Childhood Education for 25 years and am a mum to 3 adult sons.

I am committed to providing an inclusive, fun, stimulating and engaging learning environment while valuing and supporting children's sense of agency and rights.

I feel passionate about building positive, respectful and meaningful relationships with children, families, extended families, colleagues , community while being an advocate for play based learning.

I am delighted by observing and being able to nurture children's curiosity , enjoyment, sense of wonder and adventure and feel passionate about building children's self esteem, self confidence, sense of security and trust, resilience, critical thinking and problem solving.

 I have a deep respect and desire to instil the sense of respect for self , others, our environment and community while respecting individual backgrounds, cultures and customs.

Lainy Barney


A local mum of five boys originally from Scotland.

Pre babies I was a PE teacher and sports coach working with children from 18 months -18 years.

After my own children flew the house to school my return to work led me to my passion for working with pre school aged children.

I love supporting and nurturing the young people in our care as they take their first tentative steps into the big wide world of education.


Blue Group Pre-Kindy 2021

Our pre-Kindy program runs on Thursday and Friday each week.

Louise Hunter

Lead Educator | Diploma in Child Care and Education

Currently Studying Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood & Primary)

My name is Louise Hunter and I have been working in Early Childhood Education for 27 years. I am a Mum of four boys so life at home is filled with fun and lots of sport (and driving)!

Teaching children has always been my passion and I deeply value the strong relationships I build with the children, their families and the Educators to whom I work alongside. It makes my heart sing to be able to provide an exciting, supportive and engaging learning environment rich in music, movement and dance and to see the positive impact this has on all areas of your child’s development.

Jessica Palmer


This is my second year as an assistant educator at Kenmore Park Kindy. I love coming to work and spending my day guiding, supporting and encouraging the children as they play, discover and explore. I feel so lucky to be a part of your child’s life during their formative years.

Kindy is your child’s home away from home and Louise and I are passionate about creating a welcoming, caring, happy environment for your child to grow and learn.

Claire Hannam


I first became interested in working in Early Childhood Education after helping in my own children's community kindergarten and primary school classrooms.

I am passionate about providing inclusive education for all children, valuing each child's diversity, abilities and individualism.

I love being able to share in each child's sense of curiosity and wonder of the world around them as they navigate their way to becoming competent and capable learners.

For me, it is a privilege and a delight to belong to the Kenmore Park Kindergarten community.



Lainy Barney

Playgroup Coordinator



Kerry Rosenthal - Bookkeeper

Kerry joined the staff team in 2016 after serving as Treasurer on the Management Committee. Bringing a wealth of experience as an Accountant in the Corporate world, she has enjoyed learning the business structure and operations of a Not-for-profit Incorporated Association. Experiencing Kenmore Park first as a parent in 2013, Kerry shares our philosophy and loves supporting the Kindy in an Admin capacity.